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Your College Admissions Advising Experts

College Counseling U provides online webinars, classes and presentations. Our classes are offered online to provide the information in an accessible and affordable way. Parents will gain valuable comprehensive knowledge of the college admissions process to guide their child through the college search and admissions process. Our instructors are former college admissions counselors with over 30 years of experience in college admissions at Johns Hopkins University, Lake Forest College and Northeastern University, college counseling experience in high schools and working independently as college counselors. They utilize their admissions expertise and firsthand knowledge working directly in admissions as they provide advice and guide parents through College Counseling U’s classes.


Live or on demand and cover a variety of important college admissions topics.


Live, online classes allow parents to navigate college admissions stress-free.


Presentations are available for groups, schools, and organizations.

College Admissions Topics

These are important topics of the college admissions process that we offer with our services

Admissions Decisions

Discover how colleges make admissions decisions.

Financial Aid & Scholarships

Learn ways to make college more affordable.

College Search

Access various avenues to learn about different colleges.

Application Components

Parts of the application and why they are important.

College Fit

Explore how to build the right fit college list.

College Essays

Why college essays help you stand out in the application process.

College Visits

Discover how to maximize your college visits.

Admissions Interviews

Understand the real deal with college interviews.

Demonstrated Interest

Learn how to network with colleges and show your interest.

Careers & Majors

Access different ways to explore college majors and careers.

Extracurricular Activities

Why colleges value extracurricular activities in the application process.

Standardized Testing

Explore the best approaches to testing.

Testimonials of Our Work as College Counselors

The instructors have extensive experience as college counselors and college admissions counselors. Below are testimonials from previous students and parents they have assisted individually.

Flexible, Informed and Well Prepared

Stacy’s expert guidance provided excellent support and a personalized approach that helped our son and daughter get into their top choices. She has the perfect balance; years of experience coupled with the knowledge of current trends and expectations of admission process. Our children headed off to college completely confident they were going to the right school for them. Working online with an upbeat, organized and genuinely sincere expert, Stacy allowed them to take ownership of the search, dispel the worry and pressure and instead feel satisfied that they found the best match. Stacy Hernandez's online sessions saved us time and money. She was flexible, informed, well prepared and helped us avoid countless hours that we would've otherwise applied to the college search. She gave a great deal of personal attention to our children, guided them through the process in a positive, informed, strategic manner and very capably, in a genuine and caring manner found perfect matches.
~ Mom, son attending Miami U of Ohio and daughter attending Loyola Marymount University

I Got Into My Dream School

I remember the first time I met with Stacy, my family was overwhelmed- not only by how much we needed her and hadn't known it but also by the sheer amount of knowledge she had. I could throw out any school name and she would be able to tell me not only the basic facts but if she thought I would like it or not and who she knew that had gone to the school or had a connection to the school she could put me in touch with. Looking back on my college process, I couldn't have done it without her and I wouldn't have gotten into my dream school.
~ Student attending University of Michigan

My Daughter was Optimistic and Focused!

Jen was outstanding in guiding our daughter through the process of college applications. She was amazing at keeping on top of all the details and deadlines. She provided excellent and insightful coaching on the essays and applications. She kept my daughter optimistic and focused. And, perhaps best of all, she relieved me of the responsibilities of tracking due dates and (heaven forbid), offering suggestions on essays! Because of her involvement my daughter and I were able to enjoy her senior year together!
~ Mother, student attending University of Puget Sound

Personal Student Advocate

From our first meeting we felt we were in very competent hands, and we felt a warm connection that carried on throughout the process. Stacy is an advocate for the student and was a perfect partner to distill this intimidating process into manageable pieces and keep our daughter on track. As a parent our hope was that our child would find a good fit for college, not suffer too much emotional stress, retain her confidence and sense of achievement, and feel good about herself at the end of the process. Stacy delivered on these goals in an exceptional manner. Stacy has great integrity and we felt our daughter came out of the process with her self-confidence fully intact. Our endorsement and recommendation is unqualified and if our daughter was not an only child, we would be signing again!
~ Dad, student attending Wake Forest University

Light Years Ahead of the Rest

Jen was terrific. We could not have gotten through the confusion of applying for college without her in-depth knowledge of the process and the universities my daughter was looking to attend. She made the process pleasant, was very responsive to questions and kept our daughter on track. Jen is light years above the college counselor we hired 4 years ago for our other daughter. I highly recommend her services.
~ Father, student attending University of Oklahoma

A Successful Admissions Strategy

It was great to work with Stacy because she has significant experience with the college admissions process, both in the admissions department of a college and on the other side—with high school applications. Since she has deep experience on both sides, she was able to optimize the process. She was familiar with many institutions and has contacts across the US. She really took her time to understand our daughter’s interests and collaboratively worked with us to put together an admissions strategy that worked for my daughter. I highly recommend Stacy!
~ Mom, student attending Northeastern University

Found the Perfect School!

Working with Jen Rause was essential for helping me pick the perfect school for my undergraduate education. Not only did she give me guidance on which school to go to, upon getting to college, she continues to me one of my most valued resources as I look towards grad school and a career.
~ Student, Lake Forest College

How many years has it been since you applied for college?

Exactly. It's a new landscape, and Jen's knowledge built on years of experience as an admissions counselor were invaluable to my son's application process. Jen is knowledgeable, professional and helped my son to manage the multiple requirements and application deadlines. I'm happy to report my son was accepted to all four schools he applied to, and Jen's guidance was instrumental to his success.
~ Father with a high school senior

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