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College Search Blog Series #4: A Few of Our Favorite College Admissions Books

We wanted to share with you some of our favorite college admissions books. Even though these books offer varying perspectives, they all highlight interesting qualities of different colleges and universities.

Colleges That Change Lives (CTCL): 40 Schools That Will Change the Way You Think About Colleges by Loren Pope

The author, Loren Pope, a retired New York Times education editor, journalist, and independent college counselor, wrote CTCL to expand the way parents and students research and view colleges. It challenges families to look beyond the rankings and “big name” schools, and instead dive into what makes for the best fit college environments for students. The book highlights some of the most student-centered colleges in the country and provides valuable insight into school culture, student life, academics, and faculty-student connections. CTCL is a great resource for students that are looking for a more student-centered educational environment.

Where You Go Is Not Who You Will Be: An Antidote to the College Admissions Mania by Frank Bruni

Frank Bruni is an opt-ed columnist for the New York Times and is a frequent write of many articles on college admissions and higher education. The book emphasizes student success at colleges that are not as well-known. Bruni provides real life college examples, stories, statistics, and great take-aways to challenge the admissions rat race and encourage families to think about college choice and opportunities for career placement in a more comprehensive, modern way. The book provides a new and refreshing perspective for how to evaluate colleges, including job placement, experiential learning, and cost effective college choices.

Cool Colleges for the Hyper-Intelligent, Self-Directed, Late Blooming, and Just Plain Different by Donald Asher

Donald Asher is a career consultant, author, and contributing writer for the San Francisco Examiner, the Wall Street Journal’s and more. He wrote this book to highlight colleges that provide unique educational experiences and environments for different types of students. The book describes schools that emphasize specific educational themes: great books school, eco schools, entrepreneurial schools, schools where students design their own education, work colleges, and more. This is a great book to learn more about the variety of unique educational opportunities that are out there.

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